Get You Down | Andy Sergeant

Get You Down

Every day is a struggle
Tryin’ to avoid this negativity
Every day is a rollercoaster of troubles
You can’t get out of it

For all the times you’ve cried alone
The moments you were on your own
I’ll stand by you to hold your hand
For all the times you slowly died
No loving feelings deep inside
Just know that I can understand

Don’t let this get you down
There’s no sense in leaving
No sense in letting go
Don’t let this get you down
I know hard times are coming
But don’t stop believing

Don’t let this get you down, down
Get out of this twilight zone
Don’t let this get you down
There’s no sense in letting go
No sense in leaving

Every day you’re on a highway driving
To anywhere but happiness
Every day could be your last, you said
But I know that hope is up ahead


Just remember that there’s always someone
Someone who believes in you
The only thing you can never stop doing is believing
Believe in your life



Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Joris Devos, Andy Sergeant

Tom Lodewyckx

Stef Caers, Monique Harcum, Andy Sergeant