Scars | Andy Sergeant


Steps you’ve taken in the wrong direction
Longing for love and affection
You kept searching for a place of protection
Never reaching perfection

There’s no one around you
There’s no one to guide you

There’s a hole in my heart
Since the day we’re apart
Why won’t you let me heal your scars
I won’t let you fade out
Getting down by your doubts
Come back to me, let me heal your scars

There’s nothing I can do to get you back here
Nothing to shout or to pray for
Everybody has to deal their own way
In the end there is nothing to say, ‘cause

There’s no one around us
There’s no one to guide us


There’s this pain in my head
Always coming back
I want to help you
But you don’t give me a chance
I’ll always hold on to what you said
The last time we met



Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Joris Devos, Andy Sergeant

Tom Lodewyckx

Vincent Pierins

Herman Cambre

Andy Sergeant