Taking Control | Andy Sergeant

Taking Control

When I met you
All the pieces fell into place
How I've missed you
The warmth of your embrace

Now I'm crying, now I'm trying
But I can't make up my mind
Disbelieving, I'm deceiving
Wanna leave this all behind

But now you're
Taking control
Say to me now what you want me to do
And go on
No matter the distance, you're here with me
And I can't go back, and I can't rewind
Seems like this is meant to be
Taking control
Taking control

Here we are now
At your door saying goodbye
Have to leave now
But you're still asking me why

And I'm waiting, hesitating
I don't wanna close the door
Never going, love keeps growing
Is what I'd be living for


So now everything gets harder
As days are passing by
Should decide now
Which road I'm going for

But now you're taking control
Say to me now what you want



Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

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