Learned To Say Goodbye | Andy Sergeant

Learned To Say Goodbye

Just woke up from dreamin’
Realized I fell a few steps behind
For all the wrong reasons
I didn’t see that love had made me so blind

And then winter came
And my heart froze over yesterday’s pain

I learned to say goodbye
And leave the past behind
I learned to say goodbye
I knew that I could spread my wings and soar
I had to let go
I learned to say goodbye

I saw my reflection
And behind me was our picture on the wall
Like a forced resurrection
Every breath I take will break every fall

And then summer came
And now my heart’s on fire to live life again


Of all the heartaches
The one that broke me the most was yours
But here I stand today
And I am not afraid of fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ down



Aileen De La Cruz, Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant, Katleen Van den Bossche

Joris Devos, Andy Sergeant

Tom Lodewyckx

Vincent Pierins

Herman Cambre

Aileen De La Cruz