Moving Out | Andy Sergeant

Moving Out

Sometimes I look for understanding
Sometimes I feel so alone
Sometimes there’s no one around to hold me
And say it’ll be alright

Sometimes I doubt if I can make it
Sometimes I think nobody cares
Sometimes I want to run away
And never, never come back anymore

I’m moving out, I gotta stand on my own two
I’m moving out, ‘cause there’s a lot I have to do
It’s time to make my life worth livin’
Time to make a new beginnin’
That’s why I’m moving out … tonight

I know I’ve never been that easy
I know I’ve made some big mistakes
I know I have to make some changes
To get my life back on the road


My bags are packed, the taxi’s waiting at the door
I’ve said goodbye to all the folks I’ve been livin’ for
Nobody’s gonna tell me where I have to go
Now I’m taking my decisions all on my own

Moving out, moving out
I’m moving out



Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Joris Devos, Andy Sergeant

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Stef Caers, Monique Harcum, Andy Sergeant