The Dark Side | Andy Sergeant

The Dark Side

I used to be an angel
But the halo's all I kept
Got rid of the wings and virtues
The day we first met

Feels good to be the bad one
Being sinful suits me well
It's refreshing to let go sometimes
Good boy said farewell

You said: "welcome to the dark side"
You won me over to the dark side
A wicked freedom at the dark side
I'ma show you my dark side 

I used to be an angel
But eternity let me down
There's fire in my eyes, not glory
No need for a crown

Stepping down was my way up
Because yourself is all you need
Let me tell you my holy secret
Never look before you leap


Like a phoenix I'm rising
From the ashes of the bridges we burned
Watch my life be returned to me

I see the melted water of regret
Run like tears down their face
But they won't leave a trace on me

Now we're done, we are over
I'm finally free
Finally free

Welcome to the dark side
The dark side of me



Jens Braet, Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Leendert Haaksma

Roel De Bruyne

David Demeyere

Quinten De Craecker, Werend Van Den Bossche, Jany Van Lul

Jolien Deley, Charlotte Verdoodt, Griet Wiaeme

Nina Babet, Monique Harcum, Chantal Kashala, Steve Kashala, Andy Sergeant