The End | Andy Sergeant

The End

Morning light blinds my eyes
Weather is cold as ice
Another day in paradise
Though it all comes at a price

Hello, hello, welcome to Earth
Please, tell me what it’s worth
‘cause we all fear the things that we don’t know
And I ask myself: “Where did faith go?”

We all live our own tales
Reliving history’s trails
We decide on taste or skin
And feed our doubts within

So help me out of here
I cannot live in this fear
I’m sick of holding on
Tomorrow I’ll be gone


10pm, the streets are quiet
But in our head there’s another riot
Goodbye my dear, I’ve fired the shot
We let down all we’ve got


Please remember me
‘cause the end is here
Finally I’ve arrived
To a place of light


Jens Braet, Andy Sergeant

Andy Sergeant

Joris Devos, Andy Sergeant

Tom Lodewyckx

Vincent Pierins

Herman Cambre

Stef Caers, Monique Harcum, Andy Sergeant